Alcohol free Cocktails

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With the boom for alcohol-free a sticking trend, it makes more sense to ensure customers can access them 24/7. After all, a 'sober-curious' life doesn't stop at the front door or only begin at early doors. Customers need options throughout the day.

Consumers drinking habits have changed during the recent lockdown. While most people are still unable to go to bars or restaurants, they’re continuing to stock up on their favourite drinks at home; even more so as the weather gets warmer, and they want to have drinks constantly on-hand.

Healthier lifestyles and the desire to stay sharp are driving the need. And it's not just alcohol people are cutting down on. It's the tired alternative of fizzy, high-sugar drinks too. Suddenly, alcohol-free beers, spirits and cocktails offer a sophisticated, low sugar choice.

Everything on your shelves has an impact on how welcome customers feel and has the potential to create loyalty.

At Savyll, we strive to provide the very best alternatives to alcoholic cocktails for those looking to reduce their alcohol consumption. Our beautifully presented drinks would make for a welcomed addition to any retail shelf space.

Whether your customers are looking for products on-the-go, or to take home with them, there’s something for everyone with Savyll.

Enquire now to find out how we can help bring Savyll’s alcohol-free cocktails to your customers.

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