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Today's consumers are rewriting their nightlife. More and more want to stay sharp, healthy and in control - and wake up the following morning ready to seize the day. So they are increasingly taking a rain check on alcohol. But they are still seeking out sophisticated, adult drinks to try, rather than having to settle for the soft and fizzy option.

Savyll provides the alcohol-free sophistication to suit any out-of-home occasion. From fine-dining restaurants to luxury bars, from theatres to concert halls, a refined, authentic cocktail is always an option on a night out with Savyll.

At Savyll, we understand the importance of offering consumers with a variety of choices when going out. In the UK, 8.6m consumers are actively moderating their drinking; whereas 20% of the UK adult population don’t drink at all.

Over half of individuals surveyed confirm that the choice of low and no alcohol drinks does influence their decision of which venues to go to. (Source: Club Soda Guide)

Savyll provides venues with premium alcohol-free cocktails that recreate the flavours of popular cocktails that consumers know and love; yet are easy and convenient for bar staff to serve

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